6 inch x 6 inch


4 inch by 4 inch

"Candy River"

$20 plus shipping

"Storm Beneath the Sea"

  • This is my latest passion.  I paint 4 x 4,   6 x 6 and  12 x 12  inch  ceramic tiles in a variety of styles and mediums.  The 4 inch and 6 inch tiles  come with an easel back for standing up or hanging on the wall.  Please scroll down to purchase.  Buy one. mix and match or ask me to make you  some.  Will  do custom backsplashes.  Just give me your color scheme!'' You may contact me at laurencagle458@gmail.com

"Underwater Dandelion"

​$15 plus shipping

"Gold Rivers"

​$20 plus shipping

"Rainbow Lace"

$15 plus shipping

"Autumn River"

$20 plus shipping

"Alien Footprints"

​$15 plus shipping