• I am pleased to say that I embrace the artist that resides within.  For me, I fully allowed myself to thrive when I began to paint in 2011. My journey through India, with it's magic and color during the Holi Festival(photo above) inspired me to touch the world with the vibrance of color.   Although I had considered myself a gifted photographer, it wasnt until I began controlling the colors, pallets and mediums through painting that I began to understand fully the joy and sheer exhiliration in the  act of "creating". Perseverence has been my partner through it all.  When I question myself or in any way compare my talents to others, I suffer. Pushing through the fear and simply forgiving myself of the failures is when the magic inevitably happens.  I bounce continuously back and forth through new art forms, but only engage when I feel passionate and/or inspired. Life is truly a wonderful gift and   I am infinitely grateful to be here living it every waking moment..

Lauren Cagle

​Sights With Insights